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BottleDrop: A Better Way to Return Your Bottles and Cans

BottleDrop is presented by the Oregon Beverage Recycling Cooperative (OBRC).

Why Return Your Containers with BottleDrop?

It’s the fastest, easiest, and cleanest way to get your Oregon beverage container refund.


Average amount refunded to BottleDrop account holders in 2019.

Person using BottleDrop kiosk to get store credit with BottleDrop Plus. Person is holding basket of groceries and has a box of BottleDrop Green Bags.

Make the Most of Your Bottle and Can Returns

With a BottleDrop account, you can:

  • Save up or easily get a cash refund.
  • Get 20% more value with BottleDrop Plus participating retailers.
  • Donate to a nonprofit and support your favorite cause.
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Return Your Containers in Three Ways

We offer three easy ways for people to return their bottles and cans. Are you a registered nonprofit? Learn about BottleDrop Give. Are you a retailer? Find our retailer resources.

  • Self-Serve Returns Kiosks

    Self-Serve Returns

    Return up to 350 empty containers per person, per day in a clean, friendly, and fully-staffed Redemption Centers using our state-of-the-art, self-serve, bottle and can return machines. Receive your cash refund using our onsite Pay Station, or put your refund values in your BottleDrop account. Find BottleDrop self-serve return machines.

  • A woman depositing a Green Bag into a Green Bag deposit window.

    Green Bag Program

    Fill up one of our Green Bags with your empties, drop it off at a local BottleDrop or one of our partner retailers, and have your refund credited to your BottleDrop account. Use your account to get cash or to get 20% more funds with BottleDrop Plus. Find BottleDrop Green Bag Drop-off Locations or …

    Create a BottleDrop Account
  • A BottleDrop staff person hand counting container returns.

    Hand-Counted Returns

    BottleDrop offers 25 locations with Customer Service desks and Hand Count services. Visit one of these locations, or many other stores around Oregon, to have up to 50 containers hand counted per day. Then you can be on your way with your cash refund. Find a location to get a hand count.

I just visited the new BottleDrop and it was an excellent experience! Trying to take cans and bottles back before was a pain. I was amazed at how quick and quiet the process was at BottleDrop…and easy! I’m telling all my neighbors and friends about it.

— Lynn Wright, Newport, Oregon
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Featured Frequently Asked Questions

Return up to 350 bottles and cans per person per day. Receive your cash refund using our onsite Pay Station, or put refund values on your BottleDrop account. Find self-serve return machines

On a computer or a mobile device, click the “Login” button on the BottleDrop home page and enter your username and password, or log in to your account at one of our many BottleDrop Kiosk locations.

You can log in to your BottleDrop account to update your pin. If you have any questions, give us a call us at (503) 542-5252 or send us an email at

BottleDrop Plus is a program that allows BottleDrop account holders to get 20% more refund value when they use their refunds to make purchases at participating retailers. Learn more about how to use BottleDrop Plus

BottleDrop refillable bottles can be returned much like any other deposit container. Simply drop it in your Green Bag or use a BottleDrop return machine. You can also return BottleDrop refillables with the BottleBox program, or at one of our participating retail locations. Learn more about BottleDrop Refillables

For additional FAQs or to contact us directly, please visit our customer service page.
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Ready to Return Containers?

All BottleDrop locations are open 7 days a week!

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