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General FAQs

BottleDrop is the easiest way to collect the refund value on bottles and cans purchased in Oregon. With our clean, spacious, and fully-staffed indoor facilities, an expanding network of locations, and our easy to use BottleDrop account, we make returning your bottles and cans and collecting your refund easy, clean, and convenient. Sound good? Open an account!

Use our Location Finder to find locations near you. All of our locations are open 7 days a week, but hours may vary. Look for the hours listed with each location.

Accounts FAQs

No. An account is not required to use the self-serve machines or hand-count service at a BottleDrop Redemption Center. A BottleDrop account is required to use the Green Bag program. You can sign up online for a BottleDrop account.

You can sign up online any time. You can also sign up for a BottleDrop account at one of our kiosks. These are located at any BottleDrop location that conducts hand counts or where you can drop green bags.

Green Bag Program FAQs

With the Green Bag program you can simply drop off bags of bottles and cans with an Oregon refund value. We’ll do the counting and processing, and the value of the containers will be credited to your BottleDrop account. Then you can use get extra value on your returns with BottleDrop Plus, make donations to your favorite causes, or contribute your refund value to an Oregon college savings plan.

Signing up for an account is free. A roll of 10 Green Bags costs $2.00, and a $0.40 fee is charged for each bag processed by BottleDrop. Bag Tag stickers are required for each bag and are free to print from any BottleDrop kiosk. All bag purchases and processing fees are debited from the account, so no payment is required to get started.

BottleDrop Plus FAQs

BottleDrop Plus is a program offered at participating retailers that allows BottleDrop account holders to exchange the refund value of $0.10 per container for a store credit that has a value of $0.12 per container. This boosts your refund by 20% and can be used for most items in the store. No additional sign up is necessary! Find participating retailers by visiting our locations page and searching for “BottleDrop Plus locations.”

Access your BottleDrop Plus credit the same way you would withdraw cash from your BottleDrop account. Find the BottleDrop computer kiosk is located inside a participating BottleDrop Plus retailer. Then use your BottleDrop card at the kiosk and select how much you want to withdraw. This amount will be increased by 20% for use as in-store credit. Print a store credit voucher and use it at checkout just like a coupon or gift card. You may withdraw up to $80.00 in cash value, which will be $96.00 as in-store credit.

Fundraising and Blue Bag FAQs

Simply log in to your account online and select the “Donate to a Fundraiser” link to see a list of participating nonprofits currently raising funds through BottleDrop.

Privacy FAQs

Using an Oregon ID is an easy and safe way for us to verify your mailing address and to verify that you are setting up a valid account. Our system only stores your name and address along with the other information you share when setting up the account. Learn more about our privacy policy.

Yes. You can sign up by manually inputting your information. Then we’ll send a verification code to you via email or SMS text to verify your account. You can also sign up online.

We do not use, store, or sell your information for any purpose other than keeping you connected with your account. Learn more about our privacy policy.

Refillables FAQs

BottleDrop Refillable bottles are special glass bottles that can be washed and refilled up to 25 times, making them the most sustainable beverage container you can buy. BottleDrop has partnered with craft beverage makers to bring this sustainable package back to the market. The bottles are specially marked with BottleDrop Refillable on them. BottleDrop Refillables have the same deposit and return value as other beverage containers. However, instead of being crushed and recycled, Refillable Bottles are washed, inspected, and redistributed, reducing carbon emissions by up to 90%. Learn more about our Refillables Program.

More craft beverage makers are using BottleDrop Refillables all the time. Look for products from Buoy Beer, Cider Riot!, Coopers Hall, Double Mountain Brewing, Rock Bottom Brewing, and Wild Ride Brewing at your local grocery store or bottle shop. More products will be available in BottleDrop Refillables soon! See our full list of Refillables partners.

BottleDrop App FAQs

The app is available for free download in the Google and iOS app stores. Learn more about our app.

You can sign in to your BottleDrop account, check your balance, edit account information, search locations, review your bag history, get notifications for bag credits and account withdrawals, donate to a nonprofit, contact BottleDrop, and learn more about BottleDrop. Download the app.

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