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Staff Receiving Bags of Container

Retailer Basics

Beverage retailers in Oregon are required to participate in the Oregon bottle deposit and return program. BottleDrop and OBRC are here to help. To learn the basics of the the Oregon beverage container deposit law, visit the OLCC’s bottle bill page. To learn more about working with OBRC and BottleDrop, check out our BottleDrop Express retailer fact sheet and our OBRC retailer sorting requirements. Still have questions? Scroll down for our FAQs and contact information specifically for retailers.

Retailer Services and Contact Information

Need a pick-up from your store, more hand-count or RVM bags, or empty totes? Contact Route Operations by email or call (503) 973-6956.

Having a problem with your RVM, need receipt tape, or new keys? Contact Field Services by email or call (503) 973-6969.

  • 2600
    Retail locations served by OBRC in 2018.
  • 230
    Locations with reverse vending machines in 2018.
  • 440
    Reverse vending machines with OBRC service in 2018.

Get in touch with a Retail Relationship Coordinator

  • Headshot of Gretchen Bell

    Gretchen Bell

    Corporate Relations Manager

    Contact me to manage retailers’ OBRC services such as placement of new reverse vending equipment, new BottleDrop Express locations, or participation in BottleDrop Refill.

  • Headshot of Callie Brown

    Callie Brown

    Retail Relationship Coordinator

    Contact me to coordinate OBRC services for retail stores such as Route Operations, Field Services, and BottleDrop Kiosks, or to schedule trainings on BottleDrop equipment for retail staff.