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What Do We Mean?

Explaining a variety of BottleDrop services, features, and terms.

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Understanding BottleDrop

You can do all things BottleDrop at our full-service Redemption Centers. At these locations, you can drop off Green and Blue Bags, use self-serve bottle and can return machines, purchase Green Bags, pick up Blue Bags, get a new/replacement account card, get up to 50 containers hand-counted by BottleDrop staff, or use a kiosk to withdraw funds or Push Plus to get 20% more value in store credit with participating retailers.

Select retailers around the state and all of our Redemption Centers accept Green Bags (for personal accounts) and Blue Bags (for participating nonprofits), which can be dropped off using the on-site drop doors.

BottleDrop Plus incentive program, which is available to all BottleDrop accountholders. These stores give our customers 20% more for their account balance in the form of store credit, and no additional sign up is necessary to use BottleDrop Plus.

At these locations, you can withdraw up to $99.90 in value from your account each day. You’ll need to use one of the BottleDrop kiosks to get a cash voucher before redeeming it with a cashier at a grocery or convenience store or at a Pay Station in one of our Redemption Centers.

If you’d like to return your containers and get cash instantly, use one of our self-serve return machines, which are called reverse vending machines. You can return up to 350 containers per person per day using these machines, which are found at our Redemption Centers and a variety of grocery and convenient stores throughout Oregon.

BottleDrop Green Bags are available for purchase at all locations with drop doors (except White City). These locations include any BottleDrop Redemption Center and our partner retailer drop locations.

Blue Bags are used by Oregon nonprofits participating in our Give program. Fundraiser Blue Bags must be purchased through a Give account online and then can be picked up at any BottleDrop Redemption Center.

You can get a replacement card at any BottleDrop Redemption Center or BottleDrop Express site using a kiosk. You can also request a replacement card by signing into your online account through our website and navigating to the Login and Security menu or by contacting the customer service department.

At our Redemption Centers, staff can count up to 50 containers by hand for you. These returns are considered part of the 350 container per day limit.

Additionally, over 2,500 stores in Oregon, from large grocery stores to small markets and convenience stores, offer refunds for your empty bottles and cans. Many of these stores offer hand counts, too. You’ll need to inquire locally to confirm possible hours and daily limits if this service is available.

A partner retailer drop location, which is also called a Dealer Redemption Center (DRC), is a store that has partnered with BottleDrop and provides a drop drop for BottleDrop Green and Blue bags. These locations are different than BottleDrop Redemption Centers and Express sites and are specifically labeled as a partner retailer on our location finder. They include additional on-site signage, too.

For Green and Blue Bags dropped at these stores, the retailer (not you the accountholder) pays the bag processing fee, and those bags will not count toward the 15 bag per quarter limit. All other BottleDrop account terms and conditions apply.

Partner retailers will accept up to 24 containers per person, per day, by either hand-count or a self-service bottle return machine as well.

BottleDrop Express sites are located at retailers throughout Oregon and have a drop door where accountholders and BottleDrop Give participants can drop off Green and Blue Bags.

Accountholders can also purchase Green Bags and use our kiosk to get a new/replacement account card, withdraw funds from your account as cash or store credit (participating BottleDrop Plus retailers only), and print bag tag stickers.

Anyone can use the site’s self-serve bottle and can return machines and have containers hand-counted. Inquire locally for details, including daily limits for these two services, which vary by location.

Drop doors are where BottleDrop accountholders and BottleDrop Give participants return their Green and Blue Bags for us to process. They’re opened by scanning a BottleDrop card (accountholders) or bag tag stickers (Give participants only), and at least one can be found at every BottleDrop Redemption Center, BottleDrop Express, and Partner Retailer Drop Location.

Here’s an example of a drop door at a BottleDrop Express.

A woman depositing a Green Bag into a Green Bag deposit window.

All around Oregon, there are about 2,500 additional locations that accept returns but are not part of the BottleDrop system. You’ll need to inquire locally to confirm possible hours, limits, and services available.

We have two different types of kiosks.

Redemption Centers, Express sites, and our partner retailers have what we call loyalty kiosks. At these, you can create an account, get a new/replacement card, get cash or store credit (participating BottleDrop Plus retailers only), and print bag tag stickers.

The second type of kiosk, which we call red dots, only allow accountholders to get cash or store credit (participating BottleDrop Plus retailers only).