BottleDrop and COVID-19

BottleDrop Drop-Off Location

What is BottleDrop, and how do I use it?

Learn about the different ways you can return containers and collect your refund with BottleDrop.

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BottleDrop Services

No more waiting in line! You can drop off your bottles and cans in our Green Bags if you are signed up for a BottleDrop account or in Blue Bags if you are donating containers to benefit a nonprofit.

At these locations, you can withdraw up to $99.90 in value from your account. You can use one of the BottleDrop kiosks to get a cash voucher, and then redeem that voucher with a cashier (at a grocery store) or use the Pay Station at our BottleDrop Redemption Centers.

Want 20% more? Visit a BottleDrop Plus location and Push Plus at one of our kiosks to get more value in store credit.

Need a hand-count? Want to pick up more Blue Bags? Visit a BottleDrop Redemption Center customer service desk.

Use our self-serve return machines to get cash instantly.

BottleDrop Green Bags are available for purchase at our BottleDrop Redemption Centers and BottleDrop Express participating retailers.

Get Blue Bags for your Oregon Featured Fundraisers at these locations.

You can have BottleDrop staff count your containers by hand at our BottleDrop Redemption Centers.

Ready to Return Containers?

All BottleDrop locations are open 7 days a week!

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