BottleDrop and COVID-19

Drop Your Bags. Lift Your Community. Oregon Food Bank and BottleDrop.

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Together, we can help Oregon #EmergeStronger

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"Together, we can prevent hunger from becoming a symptom of COVID-19." - Susannah Morgan, Oregon Food Bank CEO

More than 860,000 people rely on Oregon Food Bank’s network each year, and food assistance needs rise each day with the widening reach of coronavirus. Oregon Food Bank is working with its statewide network to meet evolving needs, but they need everyone’s help to #Emerge Stronger.

In April, we challenged our customers to donate containers and funds to Oregon Food Bank. Together, we raised $100,000. The donation drive concluded at the end of May, and we appreciate all of your support.

Donate to Oregon Food Bank’s BottleDrop Give account with existing funds from your BottleDrop balance. Never donated before? Here’s how you can donate.