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Save for Disability Costs with BottleDrop!

Transfer your bottle and can refunds to an Oregon ABLE Savings Plan.

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Building financial security with your returns.

BottleDrop has partnered with the Oregon ABLE Savings Plan to make it easy for you to turn your bottle and can returns into a plan for the future. People experiencing disabilities and their families can save, plus, other BottleDrop participants can make a gift to a friend or anyone with a qualifying Oregon ABLE plan. All you need is a BottleDrop account and an Oregon ABLE Savings Plan account to start saving.

Frequently Asked Questions

Visit the Oregon ABLE Savings Plan website to learn more.

Yes. You must have a BottleDrop account to use BottleDrop to transfer your bottle and can refunds to an Oregon ABLE Savings Plan account. Note that you don’t have to use Green Bags. If you return containers using a self-serve return machine, you can take the voucher to a kiosk and put your returns into a BottleDrop account.

Yes. After you have connected an Oregon ABLE Savings Plan account with your BottleDrop account, you can create automatic recurring transfers. You will go through the process as if you are setting up transfers for an Oregon College Savings Plan account. Log in to your account, click on College Savings, then click on “Set up recurring transfers.” Note that there is a minimum $5 transfer, and your BottleDrop account must have sufficient funds for transfers to be processed.

It’s simple. BottleDrop has partnered to securely connect BottleDrop accounts to Oregon ABLE Savings Plan accounts. When you initiate a transfer from your BottleDrop account, we set up a secure transfer, and the funds will be placed in the Oregon ABLE Savings Plan that you selected when setting up the transfer. The minimum transfer is $5, and a recurring transfer will be rejected if your BottleDrop account does not have sufficient funds.

On the 25th of each month, BottleDrop will initiate the transfers, and funds will be withdrawn from your BottleDrop account for recurring transfers. Allow approximately two weeks for the funds to appear in your Oregon ABLE Saving Plan account.

The program only works with Oregon ABLE Savings Plan accounts.

For additional FAQs or to contact us directly, visit customer service.
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