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  • 280M
    Containers recycled via Green Bags in 2018.
  • 330K
    BottleDrop account holders (and growing!).
  • 48
    Drop locations (and growing!).

Green Bags - Just Fill, Drop, & Go!

  1. Person signing up for a BottleDrop Account at a BottleDrop kiosk and looking at a box of BottleDrop Green Bags.


    Sign up for a BottleDrop account online or visit the kiosk at a BottleDrop Redemption Center..

  2. Two people putting empty sodas cans in a BottleDrop Green Bag


    Buy BottleDrop Green Bags at our Redemption Centers or at participating retailers. Fill bags with your empty beverage containers.

  3. A Man Holding Door Open for Two Kids to Deposit Green Bags


    No waiting! Drop off Green Bags. Just drop your bags at any BottleDrop location. Use your BottleDrop card to open the Drop Door.

  4. Person using BottleDrop kiosk to get store credit using BottleDrop Plus.


    Get cash at any kiosk or BottleDrop Redemption Center. Push Plus to get 20% more in store credit from participating retailers.

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Featured Frequently Asked Questions

Green Bags can be purchased at all Redemption Centers and bag drop locations. A box of Green Bags has 10 bags, and each bag can hold between 70 and 90 containers.

While we strive to have all bags credited within 24-48 hours, we advise customers to allow up to five days for each bag to process. If you have not received credit within this time span, please contact our customer service team.

All beverage containers with an Oregon refund value can be returned in your Green Bags. Do not crush containers. You may mix plastic, glass, and aluminum bottles and cans in the same bag. Please make sure to put no more than 30 glass bottles in each bag to keep the bag’s weight under our 20 lb limit.

The quickest way to sign up is with a valid Oregon ID. We ask for an Oregon ID to verify your identity and address to help keep your account secure. We do not use personal information for any purpose other than to set up your account and contact you if there are issues with your account.

An Oregon ID is not required to get an account. Customers signing up online or at a kiosk without an Oregon ID will simply need to have their account verified by our customer service team.

You may drop two Green Bags per day, per account. If you have more than two bags, please schedule a drop appointment with customer service.

Yes, the same card and bags can be used at any BottleDrop location.

Still have questions? For additional FAQs or to contact us directly, please visit our customer service page.
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