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Push Plus to Get 20% More

Take your return as store credit and increase your spending power at select Oregon retailers by 20%.

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You can access the benefits of BottleDrop Plus with your BottleDrop account. No additional signup required. Don’t have an account yet? Sign up now.

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Same small deposit. Even bigger return.

Learn how to get 20% more value from your returns with BottleDrop Plus.

BottleDrop and PLUS are the best! It’s so easy, getting the extra 20% is a no-brainer.

— Brian A.
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How to Use BottleDrop Plus

  1. Person signing up for a BottleDrop account at a BottleDrop kiosk
  2. Two people putting empty sodas cans in a BottleDrop Green Bag


    Buy BottleDrop Green Bags at our Redemption Centers or at participating retailers. Fill bags with your empty beverage containers.

  3. An adult holding open a BottleDrop Redemption Center drop door for two kids to deposit Green Bags


    No waiting! Just drop your bags at any Green Bag drop location. Use your BottleDrop card to open the Drop Door.

  4. Person using BottleDrop kiosk to get store credit using BottleDrop Plus.


    Push Plus at any kiosk to get 20% more in-store credit from participating retailers.

Featured Frequently Asked Questions

At a BottleDrop kiosk located inside participating retailers, push Plus and select the amount you want to grow by 20%. Then print out your store credit slip and shop.

No, the total value of your Plus voucher must be spent at the selected retailer on one transaction. We recommend customers withdraw only as much as they plan to spend on their next transaction. A voucher may not be used a second time, even if there is a balance remaining.

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