New Rules for Green Bags

Beginning Oct. 1, 2019, BottleDrop is changing the limits for Green Bag drops.

Will the changes affect you? Find answers below.

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What's Changing?

Beginning October 1, 2019, BottleDrop will update its Terms and Conditions and eliminate the two Green Bag per day drop limit. Instead, account holders will be able to drop off up to 15 bags in one trip, no appointment required. However, account holders will be limited to a maximum of 15 bags per 90 day period.

The vast majority of our account holders drop far fewer than 15 bags per 90 days and will not be impacted by this policy.

For our rural customers, and those who choose to make fewer trips to BottleDrop, these changes will increase flexibility of the program, eliminate the need to schedule appointments, and make it easier for many of our household customers to use the Green Bag program.

View the complete BottleDrop Account Terms and Conditions, effective October 1, 2019.

We recognize that the new policy may create challenges for some account holders. To learn more about the new limits, please read through the FAQs below, or contact one of our customer service representatives at, or (503) 542-5252.

FAQs about the new rules for Green Bags

The new bag drop limits will make it easier for most of our customers to use Green Bags by eliminating the need for an appointment. Now, customers can drop more than 2 bags at their convenience and still drop up to 15 bags every 90 days.

The Green Bag program has to have limits on the number of bags dropped to ensure that we can provide timely processing for all our customers and to ensure that BottleDrop and BottleDrop customers comply with tax law.

The BottleDrop Green Bag program is intended to provide individuals and families with a convenient way to return the bottles and cans they purchase. High volume use of the Green Bag program (more than 15 bags in three months) by organizations or for a means of profit creates operational backlogs and processing delays.

High volume use of the Green Bag program as a source of unreported profit may be a violation of tax law. When account holders return containers for which they did not pay a deposit, the money they receive could be classified as taxable income. If BottleDrop knows the names and addresses of these individuals, as we do with BottleDrop account holders, we could potentially be held responsible for issuing tax documentation for those accounts. The legal and administrative obstacles associated with managing tax documentation for Green Bag accounts are not feasible.

BottleDrop is no longer scheduling appointments for Green Bag drops. You may drop up to 15 bags, without an appointment, whenever it is most convenient for you.

Please note that there is a maximum of 15 bags dropped per 90 day period. If you drop more than 15 bags at a single time, or more than 15 bags in a 90 day period, your account may be locked, suspended, or closed.

Appointments are still available for BottleDrop Give accounts.


Individuals, businesses, or nonprofit organizations with high volumes of returns may continue to use other methods to return containers over and above the 15 bag per 90 day period limit.

  • Anyone may return up to 350 valid Oregon deposit containers per day using BottleDrop reverse vending machines.
  • Businesses may work with a beverage distributor that can assist in collecting and returning empty beverage containers sold on the premise of a business.
  • Nonprofit or tax-exempt organizations may use our BottleDrop Give Blue Bag program to return high volumes of donated bottles and cans.
  • Individuals and businesses may donate containers to any of the 1,700 nonprofit organizations already working with BottleDrop Give.

For more information about these options, contact BottleDrop at

You can drop up to a total of 15 bags every 90 days. However, you can drop just one bag, or as many as 15 bags, when you visit a BottleDrop.

A few examples.

You may drop 15 bags on a single trip to the BottleDrop every 90 days.

You may drop 5 bags on one trip to BottleDrop on October 1, then come back within 90 days (by December 29) and drop 10 more bags.

You may drop 7 bags on October 1, 4 bags on November 15, and 4 bags on December 29.

You may drop 3 bags on consecutive days until you reach your limit of 15 bags, and then you may not drop any more bags until the next 90 day period.

Any time you exceed 15 bags per 90 day period, your account will be deactivated so that you will no longer be able to drop bags. You will still have access to your balance. BottleDrop will close your account if you  repeatedly exceed bag limits or drop more than 15 bags on the same day.

The new Green Bag policy is intended to make it easier for household that live long distances from a BottlleDrop. You no longer need an appointment. You can now drop up to 15 bags in one trip, no appointment necessary.

To see your bag history, log in to your account and check your bag history.

The 15 bag limit is based on research about Oregon beverage consumption and return patterns. The 15 bag limit is equivalent to approximately 1 case of beverages per day, which is more beverages than the average Oregon household consumes.

Changing the limit from 2 bags per day and requiring appointments for dropping up to 10 bags to a 15 bag per 90 days limit with no appointments offers more flexibility to the vast majority of BottleDrop Green Bag users.

The Green Bag program is intended use by individuals and families. Businesses, charities, and others that may be returning high volumes of containers have other options for returning containers and collecting return values.

Anyone may still return up to 350 containers per person, per day, using the reverse vending machines at a BottleDrop redemption center.

Dropping more than the allowable limits may result in the suspension or closure of your account.