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Hidden Bottle Hunt

July 7-11

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What is the Hidden Bottle Hunt?

Oregon’s iconic and groundbreaking Bottle Bill is turning 50 this July, and to celebrate, we created six commemorative, golden bottles and hidden them in six different locations throughout the state. We will release separate clues leading to the location of each bottle over five days in July, the 7th – 11th.

When is the Hidden Bottle Hunt?

The Hidden Bottle Hunt will run Wednesday July 7 through Sunday July 11.

Where are the bottles hidden?

We have five zones throughout the state. We have hidden one bottle each in Zones 2, 3, 4 and 5. Due to the population size in Zone 1, we have hidden two bottles in Zone 1 and will treat that zone as Zone 1a and Zone 1b.

Zone1a Zone1b Zone2 Zone3 Zone4 Zone5
Golden BottleDrop Refillable bottle standing next to a burlap bag with a teal background This one of the six bottles that will be hidden for our celebratory hidden bottle hunt to celebrate 50 years oft Oregon's bottle bill.

What do the bottles look like?

We have taken six of our unique BottleDrop Refillable bottles – used for our Refillable beverage program – and had them specially painted gold by a professional artists group in Oregon. The bottles include a unique 50th Anniversary label and include a metal emblem honoring the milestone.

The bottles will be wrapped to prevent breakage and covered in a burlap sack to protect them from the elements while they wait for you to find them.

How do I participate?

We will release a new clue each day for each bottle location during the hunt, or until the bottle is found. Starting July 7, the first clue will be published at 10am lower down on this page. Clues will also be shared by email and our social media channels. Sign up to receive an email at 10am every day of the hunt to have them delivered to your inbox.

What do I get if I find a hidden bottle?

First of all, you get bragging rights. Congratulations!

Secondly, you get to keep the bottle (and they are super cool!).

And third, follow the directions on the bottle when you find it, and we will direct a $500 donation from BottleDrop’s Containers for Change program to a nonprofit of your choice from our list of over 3,000 participating nonprofits across the state.

What are the rules for the Hidden Bottle Hunt?

Here are some of the rules related to the Hidden Bottle Hunt.

  • Do not trespass on private property. All bottles are hidden in parks on public property.
  • Do not go inside any buildings to look for bottles. All bottles are hidden outside.
  • To prevent the spread of COVID, please follow the latest masking and physical distancing requirements of the CDC and OHA.
  • Do not dig for the bottles or otherwise damage/destroy any plants or structures at the park, and bottles will not be hidden in any community garden spaces. The bottles may be concealed but will not be hidden in places that require damaging the park in any way. You do not need to dig underground or destroy anything to access the bottles.
  • Abide by park hours posted for any public properties on which you are hunting.

But there is, of course, some legal language as well. Here are the 2021 Hidden Bottle Hunt Official Rules & Regulations, in full.

Happy hunting!

  • Daily Clues
    With Explanations

We extend our deepest gratitude and highest praise to the volunteer clue writers who helped lead you to the treasures. A huge thanks goes to John Dutt, Joe Gantt, Kelly Luzania, and Anna Soderberg! We would not have pulled this off without them, and their contributions go way beyond clue writing! You can learn more and join their group of dedicated hunters on Facebook. Additionally, each clue writer provided explanations for and the meanings behind each of their clues.

Zone 1A Clues with Explanations

Zone 1B Clues with Explanations

Zone 2 Clues with Explanations

Zone 3 Clues with Explanations

Zone 4 Clues with Explanations

Zone 5 Clues with Explanations

Zone 1a Clues


To find the treasured bottle here
You must give it your all
Follow the flow from all sources
Be watched by Tsagaglalal
Hear echos of languages lost
Down past where Wyam would fall
There may be calmer waters now
But once, a people stood tall.


Dive into the clues and wordplay
Like Alice spins into the hole
Or wait and sit back to see what’s revealed
And find what the next clue may hold
Remember to always look under
Pretend you are out on a stroll
Noticing others are searching?
Then you know that you’re on a roll!


Where food was long ago gathered
And is gathered again once more
Where fields of brown have turned to green
And groves of fir are gone yet still remain
Circles and cycles renew and renew
Just like the bottle bill aimed to do
The spot is hidden from a bus’s view
But you can get there by bus, too!


Play match or sulk at this family park
Where 72 crosses itself
You can see rainbows of different kinds
Or give yourself a workout
Witness wildflowers at every turn
Watch for swallows swooping
Spiraling up to the peak
You can view Loowit and Wy’East!


You can learn a lot from flowers
Especially in the month of July
So swing or climb, or cross the bridge
To see Much Adoe by and by.
Your golden prize
Spirals before your eyes
A play area green reconnects us with the roots
Get on out there! Grab your boots!


Be on the lookout for an anagram!


It’s Sunday evening and you’ve persevered fully

You’re in the right place when your search is at Cully

You’ve hung in there all week and the prize is near

A water fountain, a lamppost, a garbage can and a porta-loo together mean you are here

At this late hour there’s no question what your goal is

To acquire your reward, you need not trample or break the foliage

But to be clear, a plant does conceal your prize

So look low in the green bushes and you wont believe your eyes


Zone 1b Clues


So you want to find a treasure?
Then think outside the box.
To navigate this Swamp,
You must be cunning like a Fox.

Stay head and shoulders above the crowd,
Don’t get buried in the vines,
Happy days await you
Within this county’s lines.


Look for a place of Temperance,
There are no glasses to clink here,
Though this grassy stop was once named Switzerland,
Don’t be neutral – stay west to earn cheers!


You’ve learned the ins-n-outs of hunting
And solved the first two clues.
Why don’cha make it a trifecta?
The reward is yours, if you choose

The stakes are high, but don’t get burned.
For the winner of this trial,
The cherry on top of this peaceful prize,
Will really make you smile.


Extra! Extra! Check out this news!
Lordly leader’s daughter on a mission
To beautify a statesman’s views.

Stop the presses! Here’s the scoop!
Ness’s avian adversary gives a hoot
It’s not untouchable – swoop on down and find that loot!


Felines and bovines may have been favored by Sally,
But the binturong looms Giant over this rally.

Climb onto your soapbox (but not the political kind)
To redeem the winning dime – be the first at the finish line!


Zone 2 Clues


Zone 2 is expansive so it’s easy to despair
But keep your chin up, the bottle’s out there

If 1860 had a different outcome
On the Umpqua your search would have begun

Instead, commence posthaste, with “malice toward none”


Now that we’ve got you, hook line and sinker
It’s time to narrow in, oh intrepid thinker
To find the treasure, you need not stand on the Jetty
Though your feet would feel “warmer” on huge rocks, stacked aplenty


Craft brew then oysters, still not yet there?
Keep trekking on and say hi to boomer!
Let the silent butler help show you where, (yikes! What’s that in the air?)

Things looking familiar, a ways from the ocean?
Fast Eddie would say that’s a great notion!


Zone 3 Clues


Mountains and lakes fill this land,
bridges, rivers, and valleys so grand.
Zone 3 filled with beauty that doesn’t fail,
Search West where the x chromosomes prevail.


Where’s Waldo?
Sailor Diggins might know.
James Kerby and Napoleon are part of the flow,
But a U.S. General is the way to go.


Holladay had a plan.
Connect O and C and become the man.
Stay South of this line,
it’s your time to shine!


La Riviere aux Coquins the French trappers declared.
Unfortunately, the Tututoni and Takelma would not be spared.
It begins at the State’s only National Park.
If you search near its shores, you’ll find the mark.
Even though many events and fun happen here,
it’s fair to say that our end draws near.
Don’t grandstand, and head North,
If your victory is to be brought forth!


Zone 4 Clues


Zone 4 offers a tetrad,
But you’ll want to go with the current fad.
Formerly a crook,
South of Monticello you should now look.


You’ll want to keep it relative,
as brothers and sisters are important to the narrative.
Embrace your inner child,
but don’t say farewell or be exiled.


Covid was a bummer of centenary proportions,
thankfully the Bottle Bill’s gold gives a chance for new fortunes.
Hunters embrace a chance to get outdoors,
where the town founder and WCIL offer a chance to explore.


A city known as a mecca for beer,
to the prize you are near.
This park is home to a Deschutes tasty ale,
but to a new port you must sail.
Adventure West, there is only one more clue,
but it could be you crowing COCK-A-DOODLE-DOO!
A Duke and Spinster should be heeded,
if to you the treasure may be deeded.


Minneapolis and Yale’s famous son,
an All-American, hall of famer, another prize to be won!
A 19th century explorer was also impressed,
Join these two historic men and be the best!

Oncorhynchus once called this home, now habitat to new couples and other groups.
Start here, head South on the TCT and stay within Tom’s loops.
At RTG it gets volcanic so take a left to find Larix’s bridge.
Find Grant’s sign, look down and the prize is within a smidge.


Zone 5 Clues


The bottle bill’s year minus a rodeo’s age
That’s when a gray eagle fell on a bluff
Lines drawn in honor seventeen months later
Will help if you think historically enough.


Clues come out du quotidien
To keep the hunt intéressante
But it would be your great misfortune
To be off by exactly soixante.


This city on the land of the Northern Paiute
You could have gotten there on a line quite minute
Named by a virtuous man before his life was uproot
Do you know what I am talking about?


If you’re feeling fraternal (or since ’85, sororal)
This would be the place to choose- or maybe
You want a mike and a couple of phonographs
Either way, just don’t be a loser, baby!


Today, a championship final played across the pond
A three-time winner, of the lawn he was fond
He shares a first name with the venue’s prime minister
But his name that you’re looking for is its finisher.

Do you need one more clue?
A bridge to get you to the final spot?
Knowing the importance of Ōsakasayama
Will get you very very hot.


If you were waiting for the opportune moment, that was it. This is the day you will always remember as the day you almost found the Golden Bottle.

— Captain Jack Sparrow (Probably, if he were commenting)
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