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St. Johns Swapnplay builds a community where families connect, share, and play in order to thrive. Play — Over 4,000 square feet of indoor/outdoor play space featuring equipment developmentally appropriate for ages 0-7 including the Imagination Playground-a member favorite! Carefully curated pocket rooms that encourage imagination, learning, and relationship building. Share — We have two rooms dedicated to sharing. Members swap clothes, toys, and gear; bringing in items they no longer need and taking what they can use. This resource can help reduce our environmental impact as well the financial burden of raising children. Connect - Our classes, activities, meet ups, events, and potlucks-free for member-are all opportunities to meet other parents and children. Members of St. Johns Swapnplay help take care of our space and each other. Children learn to share, build relationships and do their work of play. We envision a community where every family is supported to raise healthy children on a healthy planet.