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  • Headshot of Angela Dunham

    Angela Dunham

    Customer Relations Manager

    Contact me or the customer service team for BottleDrop account assistance or general BottleDrop inquiries.

  • Headshot of Callie Brown

    Callie Brown

    Retail Relationship Coordinator

    Contact me to coordinate OBRC services for retail stores such as Route Operations, Field Services, and BottleDrop Kiosks, or to schedule trainings on BottleDrop equipment for retail staff.

  • Headshot of Gretchen Bell

    Gretchen Bell

    Corporate Relations Manager

    Contact me to manage retailers’ OBRC services such as placement of new reverse vending equipment, new BottleDrop Express locations, or participation in BottleDrop Refill.

  • Headshot of Joel Schoening

    Joel Schoening

    Community Relations Manager

    Contact me for media inquiries, advertisement, and community outreach.

  • Headshot of Josh Grgas

    Josh Grgas

    BottleDrop Express Project Manager

    Contact me about prospective BottleDrop Express sites.

  • Headshot of Nick Munson-Phelps

    Nick Munson-Phelps

    BottleDrop Refill Manager

    Contact me for program details, getting started, sales, and general inquiry.

  • Image of Blue Bags

    BottleDrop Give

    Support Team

    Contact us for any questions related to setting up a new Give account and for any questions or concerns related to an existing Give account.

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