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Green Bag Program Frequently Asked Questions

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With the Green Bag program you can simply drop off bags of bottles and cans with an Oregon refund value. We’ll do the counting and processing, and the value of the containers will be credited to your BottleDrop account. Then you can get extra value on your returns with BottleDrop Plus, make donations to your favorite causes, or contribute your refund value to an Oregon College Savings Plan.

Signing up for an account is free. A roll of 10 Green Bags costs $2.00, and a $0.40 fee is charged for each bag processed by BottleDrop. Bag tag stickers are required for each bag and are free to print from any BottleDrop kiosk. All bag purchases and processing fees are debited from the account, so no payment is required to get started.

The $0.40 processing fee is paid by the store (not charged to the BottleDrop account holder) for bags dropped at partner retailers.

Green Bags are 13 gallons (about the size of a common kitchen trash bag) and hold between 70 and 90 standard 12 oz. bottles and cans. The amount of containers that can be placed in a Green Bag varies based on container size and weight. Green Bags should never be more than 20 lb. and should be cinched all the way closed to ensure containers stay in the bag.

A box of 10 Green Bag costs $2.00. Bag tag stickers are free to print at kiosks at bag drop locations. 

You can drop bags at any BottleDrop drop door or at one of our partner retailer drop locations. Find Bag Drop locations on our locations finder.

You can drop off up to 15 bags per account, per quarter year at BottleDrop locations. Bags dropped at a location specifically indicated as a partner retailer will not count toward this limit. Learn more about partner retailer locations.

Each quarter year starts and ends as follows:

  • The first quarter starts January 1 and ends March 31.
  • The second quarter starts April 1 and ends June 30.
  • The third quarter starts July 1 and ends September 30.
  • The fourth quarter starts October 1 and ends December 31.

When you reach your limit, you will receive an SMS or email notification if you have accurate contact information on your account and your card will no longer open the drop doors until the next quarter.

You will still be able to withdraw your account balance, use Plus, and purchase Green Bags. You may also continue to redeem containers using our self-service machines at any BottleDrop.

To find out how many bags you can drop today, or how close you are to your limit, log in to your account.

If you drop 16 or more bags, your account will be suspended. You will be able to access your funds, but you will not be able to print bag tags, purchase Green Bags, or open drop doors. You will need to contact customer service and re-agree to the BottleDrop terms and conditions before resuming normal account activity.

In extreme or repeated cases of violating the limit, BottleDrop may close your account.

You can continue to redeem containers using the self-service machines at any BottleDrop even if you go over the bag drop limit or have your BottleDrop account locked or suspended.

You can purchase Green Bags and print bag tag stickers at the same places where you can drop off your bags. Please see our locations page to find BottleDrop locations near you.

When dropping bags at a partner retailer, use bag tags printed from the kiosk at that specific retailer. This helps us securely and accurately track your bags.

You can put any container in a Green Bag that is eligible for an Oregon refund. You can mix plastic, metal, and glass containers in the same bag. Containers must have been purchased in Oregon, and they must be empty, whole, and uncrushed.

Please note: Containers purchased outside of Oregon do not have an Oregon refund value, even if they have the OR 10 refund value on the label. Knowingly returning containers purchased outside of Oregon is fraud and is punishable by law. However, you do not have to be an Oregon resident to redeem containers in Oregon. If you live out of state and purchase refund eligible containers in Oregon, we advise you to keep relevant receipts to present to BottleDrop staff upon request.

Visit the Oregon Liquor Control Commission Bottle Bill page for an extensive list of eligible beverage container types.

Yes. There is a 20 lb. weight limit for each bag. Twenty pounds is about 30 standard-sized 12 oz. glass bottles. If you have a lot of glass bottles, we recommend putting 10-15 glass bottles in a bag and filling it the rest of the way with plastic and aluminum to keep it light.

No. We are not able to accept crushed or flattened containers in BottleDrop Green Bags. Our staff will hand count up to 50 crushed or flattened containers per day as long as they are not damaged past the point of identifying the container and refund value information.

Green Bags will be processed and credited to your account within 7 days. In the event BottleDrop is unable to process a bag and credit your account within 7 days, we will provide a bag credit based on recent activity in your account.

These are the BottleDrop account terms and conditions. Please note that an account can be closed with or without notice if found to be in violation of the terms and conditions, which you agree to upon signing up for an account.

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