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BottleDrop Plus Frequently Asked Questions

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BottleDrop Plus is a retailer incentive program available to all BottleDrop account holders. BottleDrop Plus provides a 20% increase in the value of a customer’s returned containers in the form of store credit (no cashback allowed).

No additional sign up is necessary to use BottleDrop Plus! Find participating retailers by visiting our locations page and searching for “BottleDrop Plus locations.”

Access your BottleDrop Plus credit the same way you would withdraw cash from your BottleDrop account.

With Plus, you’ll withdraw your BottleDrop account funds as in-store credit using a kiosk at a participating location. At the kiosk you will select the option that reads “Access my BottleDrop Account.” Next you will be prompted to scan the barcode on the back of your card at the scanner below the screen, and then you’ll need to enter the 4 digit PIN to your account. This will sign you into the kiosk where you will see your balance.

By selecting the “Withdraw” button on the kiosk, you’ll need to select the Plus button. Then, you’ll be asked for the amount of your balance you would like to withdraw. After your selection, a voucher will be printed for you, which you’ll take to the cashier at the retailer where you printed the voucher.

The voucher may only be used once, and any unused value on the voucher will be lost.

You may withdraw up to $99.90 per day from your BottleDrop account. If you use Plus to get store credit, you can withdraw up to $80.00 (cash value) per transaction, which is $96.00 (store credit) thanks to the Plus 20% bonus.

No. BottleDrop Plus vouchers can only be used for in-store purchases and they may only be used once. Please only withdraw what you expect to spend.

BottleDrop vouchers do not expire, but they may only be used once. We advise you to withdraw only the amount of fund that you wish to use in your next transaction. If you don’t use all the funds on the voucher on the first transaction, any remaining funds on that voucher are lost.

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