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Agave Dogs Rescue

Agave Dogs rescues adoptable, homeless dogs from areas overwhelmed with pet overpopulation and finds them loving, permanent homes in Oregon and Washington. We assist dogs at risk for euthanasia in shelters or on the streets in Texas and California. We have rescued approximately 900 dogs since we started in 2017. Our moto is: "Giving a ruff life reason to wag again!"

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Animal Aid, Inc.

Animal Aid is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, no-kill animal rescue and welfare organization that has been passionately serving animals and the people they love since 1969. It is our mission to reduce animal suffering by providing assistance to abused, homeless, injured, and sick animals; find loving, dependable, and nurturing forever homes for the animals in our care; actively promote the altering of all pets to reduce overpopulation; and educate the public by promoting respect for all animals, the ethic of compassion, and the need to be kind and responsible stewards. 100% of the funds raised through Bottle Drop Gives go to the Animal Aid Cares Fund, which was created to help those facing urgent and overwhelming medical or behavioral care needs for the animals in their care.

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Arabian Horse Rescue & Education

Mission: To rescue and re-home Arabian horses at risk of shipping to slaughter, mentor youth, and educate the public on the sensitivity and versatility of the Arabian breed. We rehabilitate our horses with the hopes that they will become adoptable companion horses. We mentor youth so that they can see the intricate demeanor and beauty of these horses. Each horse that we rescue receives individualized treatment, care, and training, so that its full potential can be realized.

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