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Delta Park Redemption Center

1176 N Hayden Meadows Dr

Portland OR, 97217

Hours: 7am - 6pm daily

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The Delta Park BottleDrop will be closed for maintenance on Thursday, April 19 2018. Green Bag drop door available from 5am - 11pm.

At this location, you can:
  • Return up to 350 containers through our high quality reverse vending machines.
  • Sign up for a new BottleDrop account.
  • Purchase green bags to use with your BottleDrop account.
  • Purchase blue bags to use for your BottleDrop Give account.
  • Drop off green bags between 5am and 11pm at the secure drop door.
  • Add container deposits to your BottleDrop account at the Pay Stations.
  • Withdraw cash from your BottleDrop account, or redeem your deposit slips for cash at the Pay Station.

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